Announcing the first official wallet for the HyFi Blockchain

24th December, 2021

Hybrid Finance (HyFi) Blockchain announces the development of its first official wallet by, a startup that is simplifying decentralized assets management across multichain for 100M+ global young investors.

Shinam Arora, COO of HyFi Blockchain explained that "HyFi is a network of blockchains for Hybrid Finance. These blockchains have zero transaction fees, high transaction speeds, support for KYC, AML & CFT compliance, and robust grievance redressal & consumer protection mechanisms.

Kush Ratna Gupta, Co-founder & CEO of Fint explained that "FINT enables crypto investors to access high growth opportunities in the Defi ecosystem that goes beyond traditional investing. Our secured wallet helps you capture these opportunities across multiple networks with a single click."