Technical Docs
HYFI is a hybrid blockchain whose nodes are run by verified entities.

HYFI uses the Multichain framework with distributed consensus between identified block validators.

It's close in spirit to PBFT (Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance), but instead of multiple validators per block, there is one validator per block, working in a round-robin fashion.
Future-NFTs are non-fungible tokens that are backed by physical collectibles.

Future-NFTs can be created on the HYFI Blockchain by verified users.

Future Money Wallet is a wallet, price discovery engine and marketplace for Future-NFTs.

Future Money Wallet
EM-Cards are a suite of tools to engage, educate, support, and reward customers of small and large businesses. EM-Cards can be accessed through NFC / RFID tags, hyperlinks and QR codes.

EM-Cards use HYFI for enabling interchanging of loyalty points.