HyFi Fees

1. Node fees

HyFi nodes can be maintained by wrapped asset issuers, and startups building solutions on the HyFi blockchain. An annual fee of 5,000 WRAP tokens is payable.

2. Wrapped Asset Issuance Fees

Wrapped Assets can be of 2 types - open and closed. Additional units of an "open" asset can be created while additional units of a "closed" asset cannot be created. A fee of 0.3% of the circulating supply of the asset is payable. This fee is payable in WRAP tokens.

WRAP Tokens

WRAP Tokens are Open Blockchain Tokens under the laws of Wyoming, US [W.S. 34-29-106(c)].

On the Future Money Wallet, WRAP tokens can be used for paying for access to the Pro features. On the Hybrid Finance (HyFi) Blockchain, WRAP tokens can be used for paying node fees and Wrapped Asset Issuance fees.

To buy WRAP Tokens, signup for a free Future Money Wallet account.