Whisky Investing Playbook

Monday, 01st January, 2024

Whisky Investing Playbook by the HYFI Blockchain team is a practical guide to profiting from Whisky in Casks, which is also called Liquid Gold because of its economic potential, & appreciating nature.


Here's what the Whisky Investing Playbook covers:

  • Introduction to Whisky Investing
  • How to Invest in Whisky Fractions
  • How to Invest in WHISKY Tokens
  • The problems in traditional Whisky investing
  • Why Whisky in Casks are called Liquid Gold
  • Effect of the Cask on Whisky Maturation
  • Factors affecting Whisky value
  • Glossary of Terms for Whisky Investors
  • Scotch Whisky Regions
  • Case Study - The Platinum Whisky Investment Fund (2014-2021)