Interesting Tokenization Projects

Tuesday, 23rd January, 2024

1. Maple Finance

Maple enables experts to handle quick-paced loan operations, channeling funds to companies for expansion and daily tasks.

Maple matches both big institutions and qualified individual investors with lending options that align with their needs for liquidity, risk, and profit.

Maple Finance leverages Ethereum.

2. Matrixdock

Matrixdock’s primary product is STBT, a tokenized version of short-term US Treasury securities with 6-month maturities and reverse repurchase agreements.

STBT is an ERC-1400 token for institutional and accredited investors. STBT rebases interest every business day.

Matrixdock leverages Ethereum.

3. Meld

Meld Tokens are redeemable for gold, silver, platinum or palladium.

Each Meld Token is backed by 1 gram of gold, silver, platinum, or palladium.

The precious metals are stored in secure vaults.

Meld leverages Algorand.

4. Ondo Finance

Ondo Finance operates USDY, a tokenized note secured by short-term US Treasuries and bank demand deposits.

It currently operates 4 funds:

  • US Money Market Fund
  • Short-Term US Government Bond Fund
  • Short-Term Investment Grade Bond Fund
  • High Yield Corporate Bond Fund

Ondo Finance leverages Ethereum and Polygon.

5. RealToken

RealToken enables ownership of US real estate properties through digital tokens on the blockchain.

For each real-estate offering, RealToken creates a Delaware Series LLC or Inc. which owns a single asset (a property) with its own token and unique address.

This ensures that the properties are legally independent and are not cross-collateralized.

RealToken leverages the Gnosis Chain.

6. Tangible

Tangible operates RealUSD, which is backed by tokenized real estate.

The rent collected from the rental properties is distributed daily as a native rebase.

The yield increases with the value of real estate held. Real USD is pegged to the US dollar and 50% of the backing is held in DAI.

If the collateralization ratio drops beneath 100%, then 50% of the rental yield is automatically redirected to the treasury.

This recollateralizes the asset and ensures that Real USD is fully backed.

Tangible leverages Polygon, Ethereum, and Optimism.

7. Toucan Protocol

Toucan Protocol enables the tokenization of Carbon Credits. Carbon Bridges enable the tokenization of carbon credits held in carbon registries.

These credits are locked so that they cannot be double-counted. Carbon Pools add liquidity by holding tokenized carbon credits with similar attributes.

The pools create tradable reference tokens. Toucan enables quick & transparent retirement of carbon credits.

Toucan Protocol leverages Polygon, and Celo.

8. Whisky Fractions Marketplace

Whisky Fractions is a digital marketplace for buying & selling fractions of Whisky in Casks.

Whisky, unlike wine, matures exclusively in a cask. Cask refers to all types of oak vessels that are used in the storage and maturation of whisky.

Whisky in Casks is called "liquid gold" because of its economic potential, and its tangible, appreciating nature.

Whisky Fractions leverages the Hybrid Finance Blockchain (HYFI).