About HyFi

Hybrid Finance (HyFi) Blockchain is a network of blockchains with:

  1. Zero transaction fees
  2. High transaction speeds
  3. 100% KYC (Know-Your-Customer) verification of all participants
  4. 100% AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance
  5. Operated by verified entities
  6. No native cryptocurrency
  7. Unprecedented level of transparency
  8. Very strong grievance redressal & dispute resolution mechanisms
  9. Very low energy consumption
The HyFi website and test networks (Haddock and Calculus) are maintained by HyFi, a Wyoming corporation.

1. HyFi Networks

There are 3 HyFi Networks:

  1. HyFi mainNet is the primary HyFi Network with real-value assets.

  2. Haddock is the test network that mirrors the HyFi mainNet in terms of the protocol version. It has a different genesis block and the data & assets are different from HyFi mainNet.

  3. Calculus is where new features are released for initial testing. This is highly experimental and you can expect regular outages, changes and restarts.

2. HyFi Community

The HyFi community is open to banks, financial institutions, corporates, Government agencies, developers, users, and enthusiasts.

3. Ecosystem

HyFi Blockchain is part of the Wrapped Asset Project